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Rocscience Slide2 2021

Built-in Groundwater Seepage Analysis

Includes a Finite Element Seepage Analysis tool. Automatically generate your mesh and compute your steady state or transient analysis without the need for separate programs.

  • Multi-modal Optimization (MMO)

    Get more insight into your models by searching for more than one critical failure surface. With MMO you can seek out the top three most critical failure surfaces at once and consider them in your analysis.

  • Weak Layer Algorithm

    All you need to do is define all of your weak layer polylines and Slide2 will determine which combination of weak layers is the most critical.

  • Surface Altering Optimization

    This local optimization algorithm, exclusive to Rocscience software, runs on the critical failure surface after the initial global search and is the final push to find the lowest factor of safety.

  • Technical Specifications

    Analysis Methods

  • Bishop Simplified
  • Corps of Engineers #1
  • Corps of Engineers #2
  • GLE/Morgenstern-Price
  • Janbu Corrected
  • Janbu Simplified
  • Lowe-Karafiath
  • Ordinary/Fellenius
  • Sarma Vertical & Non-vertical Slice
  • Spencer

Data Interpretation

  • Annotation and dimensioning tool kit
  • Contour groundwater results—total head, pore pressure, velocity, gradient
  • Export image files
  • Export to Excel
  • Filter slip surfaces
  • Interactive data tips
  • Plot factor of safety along slope
  • Plot results directly on slip surface
  • Plot safety factor vs. time for transient analysis
  • Plot slice data
  • Plot slip surface data
  • Print models at scale
  • Support force diagrams
  • Property viewer—contour material properties

Finite Element Groundwater Seepage Analysis

  • Constant or time-dependent boundary conditions
  • Discharge sections
  • Mapped meshing
  • Multi-stage transient groundwater seepage
  • One-click automatic meshing
  • Saturated/unsaturated
  • Show mesh quality
  • Steady state seepage
  • View groundwater and slope stability results simultaneously


  • Distributed loads
  • Line loads
  • Seismic loads


  • Borehole entry
  • CAD drawing tools
  • .dxf import/export
  • Geometry from soil profile
  • Multi-scenario modeling
  • One-click material assignment
  • Weak layer boundary

Pore Pressure Definition

  • Calculate excess pore pressure using B-bar method
  • Choose grid interpolation method
  • Finite element groundwater seepage analysis
  • Phreatic surfaces
  • Piezometric lines
  • Pore pressure grids—total head, pressure head, pore pressure
  • Rapid drawdown analysis
  • Ru coefficients

Probabilistic Analysis

  • Advanced correlation between input parameters
  • Critical probabilistic surface
  • Spatial variability analysis
  • Distributions—Normal, Uniform, Triangular, Beta, Exponential, Lognormal, Gamma
  • Equate material properties
  • Histogram, cumulative, and scatter plots
  • Monte Carlo, Latin Hypercube, or Response Surface simulation
  • Probability of failure/Reliability index
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Use any input parameters as random variables

Rapid Drawdown Methods

  • Army Corps Engineering 2-stage
  • Duncan, Wright, Wong 3-stage
  • Effective stress using B-bar
  • Lowe and Karafiath

Search Methods

  • Auto-refine search
  • Block search
  • Cuckoo search
  • Grid search
  • Non-circular surface optimization
  • Particle swarm
  • Path search
  • Simulated annealing
  • Slope search

Seismic Options

  • Compute Kc critical acceleration
  • Newmark displacement (rigid, coupled, de-coupled)
  • Pseudo-static analysis
  • Staged pseudo-static analysis Slip Surface Options
  • Circular surfaces
  • Composite surfaces
  • Non-circular/Planar surfaces
  • Tension cracks


  • Active vs. passive anchors
  • Back analysis (compute required support force for safety factor)
  • Easily define/edit patterns
  • End-anchored bolts
  • Geotextiles
  • Grouted tiebacks
  • Piles and micropiles
  • RSPile integration
  • Soil nails
  • User-defined support model

Strength Models

  • Anisotropic function
  • Anisotropic linear
  • Anisotropic strength
  • Barton-Bandis
  • Discrete function
  • Drained-Undrained
  • Generalized anisotropic
  • Generalized Hoek-Brown
  • Hoek-Brown
  • Hyperbolic
  • Infinite strength
  • Mohr-Coulomb
  • No strength (i.e., water)
  • Power curve
  • Shear/normal function
  • Snowden modified anisotropic linear
  • Tension cutoff
  • Undrained (Phi = 0)
  • Unsaturated shear strength
  • Vertical stress ratio


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