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Trimble Photogrammetry 12.0.1

Trimble Photogrammetry 12.0.1

Trimble Photogrammetry 12 was developed to meet the evolving needs of the rapidly growing aerial imagery market for enhanced productivity and higher quality. A new image matching engine in MATCH-AT with stronger tie point extraction capabilities and improved production engines in MATCH-3DX and UASMaster, increases the quality of block geometry as well as final deliverables for large and high-overlap aerial imagery. Users with a valid maintenance contract will receive a license update shortly after the release.

Stronger AT processing with the new image matching engine in MATCH-AT

Inpho version 12 offers a new image matching engine in MATCH-AT for stronger and high performance aerial triangulation of large and high overlap imagery projects. More robustness in image orientation of challenging areas like forests as well as increased level of connectivity in tie point extraction from 99 to to 999 folds are the other highlights of this new engine. Furthermore, users can benefit from the improvements in the accessibility of the images during image matching for more productivity.

More productivity and improved usability in MATCH-AT

In the new version of MATCH-AT, users can feel the significantly higher performance of loading images during the project setup, and increase the productivity from the beginning steps.

Additionally, thanks to the automatic detection of working space and adapting during the process, users should not have concern about the continuity of the process if the specified values are not high enough.

There are more usability features in Photo Measurement Tool (PMT) such as new shortcuts for measuring modes, new export capability of selected points, and faster start-up, improvements for better working with viewing windows.

In the new version, users can find a comprehensive description of camera parameters in the MATCH-AT report, for better quality assessment of the block adjustment.

Improved usability in MATCH-3DX

In the new version of MATCH-3DX, users can benefit from the new image checking capability at the beginning of the process and save processing time by excluding non-validated corrupted images from the process. Furthermore, automatic determination of the most suitable settings, leads to ensuring the quality of deliverables for more efficiency in production. Optimized multi-threading and usage of available image pyramids are the other highlights of this product in version 12.

High quality and efficiency products with MATCH-3DX

True-orthophotos in this version can be generated with more homogeneity and balanced radiometry. The new version of MATCH-3DX delivers a cleaned-up final mosaic by automatically generating a borderline, if not pre-defined. Furthermore, the quality of true orthophotos of highly distorted images is increased, by selecting the best part of the image in orthophoto generation.

MATCH-3DX Meshing Add-On version 12 offers higher quality in 3D meshes with more sharpness on the edges, as well as enhanced texture on the model. The reduction of triangles in the multi-resolution geometry helps to produce more efficient 3D models for better streaming and optimized data storage.

Higher performance in MATCH-3DX

Beside the higher quality, faster generation of DSM and true-orthophoto and parallelization of the image rectifiers in this version, increases the level of productivity with MATCH-3DX, which is particularly important for large and high overlap imagery projects.

Better quality of point clouds in MATCH-T DSM

Users of the classical workflow, who employ MATCH-T for point cloud generation, will expect less noises in the final products. Furthermore, the Match.status file can be accessed easily via the user interface. For this, we recommend enjoying the consultant of our support team.

Significantly better performance in OrthoMaster and background transparency in OrthoVista

The processing time for orthophoto generation in OrthoMaster is now 2-3 times faster, which levels up the productivity for the users who are using the classical orthophoto workflow.

Additionally, transparency of background pixels can be now better handled by adding alpha channels in OrthoVista.

Usability improvements in DPMaster for distributed processing

In version 12, multiple processing jobs and their dependencies in MATCH-3DX can be organized easier in DPMaster, to better scale up the production for large projects by distributed processing.

The expanded data transfer of image files and orientation files, in addition to the basic job files in MATCH-3DX and OrthoMaster, helps better and efficient data handling from the job creation to the job termination. Another usability improvement in this version is the possibility of changing the target machines after submission of the jobs. This gives the user the freedom to trigger the job to another machine if the original target machine is busy. The structured directory in the new version of DPMaster leads to better data management which allows an easy tracking of the corresponding files.

DPMaster is available for MATCH-T DSM and OrthoMaster with favorably Distributed Processing Licenses (DPL) as well as for MATCH-3DX (with full licenses).

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