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PyThunderhead PyroSim 2021.3.0901

This release adds support for FDS 6.7.6, improves visual fidelity of models and results, and fixes bugs.

This version of PyroSim is designed for FDS version 6.7.6. It uses version 1.8.0_292 of the OpenJDK Java VM.

Changes since PyroSim 2021.2.0525:

New Features

    Updated FDS from version 6.7.5 to 6.7.6 and updated SMV from version 6.7.15 to 6.7.16.

    Added support for Gauge Heat Flux and Gauge Heat Flux Gas devices.

    Added support for PERIODIC FLOW ONLY surface. Documentation

    Removed gas phase device quantity CPU TIME PER STEP which FDS replaced with output file CHID_steps.csv. PyroSim will remove impacted devices and display a notification.

    Renamed "Define Ramp" radio button to "User Defined Fan Curve"

    Added editor support for advanced appearance features, including normal maps, parallax maps, and PBR materials. Documentation

    Imported texture coordinates on CAD geometry are now retained when changing the appearance or surface of an object.

    Changed default thicknesses of slabs and cells to 0.2 m to match walls and holes.

    Updated warning system for vents that collapse when snapped to the mesh to ignore vents that are not inside the mesh.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed a bug that would cause jerky mouse movements when using the roam tool in mouse-only mode

    Fixed a bug where the FDS mesh boundary display would not update if the appearance of the default surface changed.

    Fixed a bug that could cause the Edit Surfaces dialog to crash when working with an air gap.

    Fixed a bug where unchecking Use Imported Texture Coordinates for an obstruction would not remove the imported texture coordinates.

    Fixed a bug where textures with 16 bits per color-component would show incorrect colors.

Changes to Results:

New Features

    Added movie export in the MP4 format using either Nvidia\’s hardware encoder or the OpenH264 software encoder. Updated Documentation

    Added 360 movie export via the "Create 360 Movie" menu item. Documentation

    Added support for enhanced subpixel morphological antialiasing (SMAA), which in most cases is much faster than the existing multisample anti-aliasing. Documentation

    Added a setting to enable Image Based Lighting, which uses skyboxes to light the scene. Documentation

    Added support for rendering advanced material features.

    Added ability to rename 2D Plots.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed a movement delay that could occur when changing directions with the keyboard using the roam tool.

    Fixed a bug where Ctrl+S could not be used to save the visualization file when using the roam tool.

    Fixed a bug where built-in circular tour doesn\’t tune to simulation end time.

Product:PyThunderhead PyroSim 2021.3.0901