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Applied Flow Technology Fathom v11.0.1123

Applied Flow Technology Fathom v11.0.1123


– Advanced hydraulic solver

– Detailed modeling for centrifugal and positive displacement pumps

– Scenario Manager to track all design variants and operational possibilities in a single model file

– Pump vs. system curve generation including individual head curves and composite efficiency

– Thermal analysis including piping heat transfer and heat exchanger modeling

– Supports Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, including non-settling slurries

– Optional ChempakTM add-on utility provides a thermophysical database of almost 700 fluids

AFT Fathom add-on modules:

– Settling Slurry (SSL) – models the effects of pumping fluids containing settling solids using the Wilson/GIW method

– Extended Time Simulation (XTS) – models dynamic system behavior

– Goal Seek and Control (GSC) – identifies input parameters that yield desired output values and simulates control functions

– Automated Sizing (APS and ANS) – automate the process of sizing pipelines and piping networks based on required conditions, such as maximum pressure or minimum flow, to reduce cost or weight

product:Applied Flow Technology Fathom v11.0.1123