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Schlumberger Symmetry 2021.3

Schlumberger Symmetry 2021.3

Symmetry process software platform captures all aspects of your models from reservoir to product distribution. The Symmetry platform offers a unique opportunity to model your process workflows in one environment, integrating pipelines, networks, and facilities models, while ensuring consistent thermodynamics and fluid characterization across the full system. This approach combined with a simple way to switch between steady state & dynamic modeling enables companies to optimize processes in upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors, maximizing profits and minimizing capex.

Key features of this release

Symmetry 2021.3 incorporates new features and improvements from previous versions. Symmetry 2021.1 includes the latest REFPROP libraries (v. 10) as well as the addition of 43 new fluids for this thermodynamic model. The Symmetry Flare workspace now supports nozzles for relief valves in steady state with automatic calculation of expansion and contraction effects with kinetic energy tracking. The mixer unit operation now supports the reduced order model (ROM) capabilities which enable faster calculations suitable for optimization studies.

Symmetry 2021.2 will be available soon within the Petrotechnical Suite in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment.

Some of the key new features are listed below.


  • Updated VMGREFPROP property packages with fluids and libraries from REFPROP release 10.0
  • Updated list of supported compounds in REFPROP property packages including 43 new fluids added in REFPROP Release 10.0
  • The Span-Wagner equation of state (EOS) is used when the REFPROP thermodynamic model is selected and CO2 is the only component. The equation gives very accurate results, even in the region around the critical point, and is now considered as the most accurate reference equation for CO2
  • Updated the naming of VMGREFPROP thermodynamic models to REFPROP

Symmetry Flare Workspace

  • Added nozzles to steady-state relief valve, including automatic calculation of expansion and contraction effects with kinetic energy tracking. Default sizes set based on selected API designation
  • Fixed missing error message when there are consistency errors in a case with a Symmetry Flare flowsheet

Unit Operations

  • Mixer—Add ROM engine UI to mixer
  • Compressor—Pasting values in a new compressor curve will now maintain precision
  • Process calculator—Fixed a spurious error message when deleting a process calculator cell


  • Symmetry upgraded to use .NET Framework 4.8
  • Dynamics—Fixed an issue where cases with multisided exchangers would fail to run after recalling due to incorrect number of equations and variables
  • Documentation
  • Added Desalter example page to the Symmetry platform user manual
  • Added Specifications Summary page to the Symmetry platform user manual
  • Symmetry platform Excel COM Automation examples can run in 32- and 64-bit without requiring user modifications
  • Updated Excel add-in documentation regarding out of process automation mode
  • MySep entrainment calculations are available in steady state (heavy liquid in vapor, light liquid in vapor, and vessel dP). MySep warnings are now available, as well

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