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CGERisk BowTieXP 10.4.0

CGERisk BowTieXP 10.4.0

What new in 10.4

The 10.4 series of BowTieXP is a maintenance and stability release cycle of BowTieXP. It offers new enhancements keeping up with new developments taking place in the BowTieServer area. BowTieXP 10.4 has a new file format that is backward compatible with older versions of BowTieXP.

Release 10.4.0

  • Individual Actions (yellow sticky notes) can now have Attachments
  • Actions now can have a named owner and/or supervisor

    • Note: when using BowTieXP in combination with BowTieServer, the owner and supervisor field values will be managed by BowTieServer and will not be editable in BowTieXP

  • Fixed issue with Date Time picker date range when used with non-Gregorian calendars
  • Fixed issue with LOPA default frequencies on effectiveness not being allowed beyond 1.0
  • LOPA Threat enabling factors now limited to max 1.0
  • Fixed issue with minimum visible size of floating Windows
  • Fixed Issue with setting Date Time zone offsets
  • Fixed issue with expanding Barrier groups
  • Fixed issue with Tripod edges shortening
  • Updated test case file
  • Fixed issue with exporting numeric audit questions answer value to Excel
  • Fixed issue adding RCA diagrams
  • Fixed issue with some dialogs appearing off screen in multi monitor setup
  • Fixed issue with tooltips on tree dropdown buttons

Product:CGERisk BowTieXP 10.4.0