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Furgo Jason 11

Furgo Jason 11

Optimize your field development, reservoir management and well planning using seismic inversion and reservoir characterization technology from the Jason® software suite. Advanced seismic reservoir characterization workflows within Jason yield timely answers for critical decisions.

RockTrace® quantitatively integrates well log elastic rock properties and AVA seismic to produce calibrated, quantitative 3D volumes of rock properties. This module determines key reservoir properties, P-impedance, S-impedance, density and Vp/Vs, through the inversion of partial offset or angle stacks. RockTrace AVO inversion integrates sparse spike inversion technology with sophisticated low-frequency modeling techniques to produce the most advanced deterministic estimates of reservoir properties in the industry.

Benefits of RockTrace:

  • Consistent, accurate reservoir properties
  • Realistic low-frequency models consistent with geology
  • Fewer and better wells drilled
  • Exploration and production goals met
  • Optimum development of reservoirs
  • Accurate reserve estimates

Product:Furgo Jason 11