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PerGeos 2020.3.1

PerGeos 2020.3.1

Thermo Scientific PerGeos Software version 2020.3 rolls out exciting new tools and enhancements. Read on for a quick introduction to these features and links to resources offering more information.

Amira-Avizo 2020.3 comes with a large number of new ‘XTras’ , scripts, recipes and examples that will help you be more productive in various tasks with your Amira-Avizo Software

This new pack of XTras includes many automated segmentation procedures, as well as examples covering various use cases, such as Multi-Scale Cylinder Correlation, 2D Cell Tracking, Exporing Measures, and much more!

The Xtra Library is updated every month with numerous new recipes, scripts and examples, dedicated to various use cases and workflows, that will help you improve your daily use of Amira Software.

We recommend you to visit regularly this Xtra Library to benefit from the fresh content and boost your efficiency!

Product:PerGeos 2020.3.1