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Weatherford Field Office 2020

Weatherford Field Office 2020

Field Office is a software product from Weatherford that helps production and exploration companies optimize their production process. The main purpose of this software is to help engineers and people involved in the project to make optimal use of assets using mathematical simulation of data to minimize growth costs and downtime. Field Office is a unique set of technology-driven software that helps us predict, adjust, and stabilize the production process anywhere in the world. This product provides a complete set of operational, analytical and engineering software so that we can have general optimization in all areas of production.

Field Office Features and Features:

  • CygNet data monitoring and management system
  • WellFlo design and modeling system
  • Modeling fluids and their various properties through PVTflex
  • Production forecast using MatBal, for example, by simulating the volume of tanks and…
  • Design and optimize equipment network using ReO
  • PanSystem program for managing various tests and PanMesh for graphical simulation of these tests

Product:Weatherford Field Office 2020