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TerraScan – Software for LiDAR Data Processing and 3D Vector Data Creation

TerraScan is the core module of the Terrasolid family of software products. It is designed for visualization and processing of clouds of three-dimensional laser reflections – both in automatic and manual modes.

TerraModeler – Surface Modeling and Terrain Mapping

TerraModeler is a full-featured triangulated irregular network (TIN) surface modeling, analysis and editing tool

TerraPhoto – Ortho-rectification of Images and Data Visualization

TerraPhoto is a photogrammetric module of the Terrasolid product family. It is designed to solve the problems of processing photo data obtained during the execution of laser scanning in conjunction with laser reflections.

TerraMatch – Calibration and Strip Adjustment

The TerraMatch module is designed to calibrate an airborne or mobile scanning system based on the results of calibration flights / races, as well as correct the results of a working survey in order to improve the accuracy of the final product.

TerraSurvey – Using Data from Total Stations and GPS Devices

TerraSurvey is a module that processes ground-based total station data. The module allows you to import data from all files of common formats. All imported data can be encoded in any way.

TerraSlave – More Capacity due to Distributed Batch Processing

TerraStereo – Sophisticated Visualization of Very Large Point Clouds

TerraStreet and TerraStreet Lite – Designing Roads

TerraPipe, TerraPipeNet, TerraGas and TerraHeat – Design and Maintain Pipelines