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Schlumberger Petrel 2020.3

Schlumberger Petrel  2020.3

Features of Schlumberger Petrel

  • Powerful application for handling underground data
  • Straightforward application with reliable data manipulation features
  • Provides support for processing the data with development and manipulation features
  • Reliable reservoir simulation features with integrated development and monitoring of models
  • Handle static and dynamic models of the tank and get a 3D view of the data
  • Powerful importing and exporting features and repository simulation operations
  • Updates the models efficiently and generate different reports
  • Many other powerful options and features


– All tools from seismic interpretation to simulation are integrated in one application, eliminating import and export problems and promoting collaboration.

– Strong visualization capabilities give you instant QC of all data in 3D.

– Models can be updated instantly when new data arrives to make quicker and more reliable decisions.

– All results can be copy-pasted to any Windows application making it quick and easy to report and present your latest results.

– Petrel has a familiar Windows user interface, undo/redo functionality, and stores modeling history, making it easy to use and learn.

– Petrel Modules.

– Geophysics.

– Geology.

– Reservoir Engineering

– Well Engineering.

– Data and Results Viewer..


Language: English

Operating Systems: Windows 7/8.x 64Bit

Product:Schlumberger Petrel 2020.3