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SARscape 5.5.4

SARscape 5.5.4

New Features

This section lists new and improved features.


  • New: Import generic SAR data
  • New: Import PAZ-1 data
  • New: Download ECMWF data
  • New: Download OpenStreetMap data
  • Improved: Import preliminary SICD data
  • Improved: Import Level-2 RISAT-1 data
  • Improved: Import Sentinel-1 data in Amazon format
  • Improved: AIS new message management
  • Improved: Sentinel-1 download panel

    • GUI improvements for dates
    • SciHubGet automatic zip extraction
    • KML and KMZ support for areas of interest

Basic Module

  • New: SAR AIS Classification
  • New: Multi inverse coherence change detection color combination (MICCD) workflow
  • Improved: Workflows with Import and Sample selection

Interferometry Module

  • New: Workflows without GCPs
  • New: Modeling: Slant range combinations and statistics computation
  • Improved: Workflows with Import and Sample selection
  • Improved: Modeling: Reports for visualizing results

Interferometric Stacking Module

  • New: Incremental PS
  • Improved: SBAS capabilities

General Tools

  • New: Generate SIDD; preliminary support only for GEO-Global
  • New: DTED support in DEM Extraction
  • New: Generate MICCD color composites
  • New: Preferences (common and specific)
  • New: Proxy servers supported
  • New: Add List (Input and Output File)
  • New: Visual programming supported by ENVI Modeler
  • New: SARscape toolboxes in ArcGIS Pro. This requires an installation of ENVI Py 1.2, which is available with the ENVI 5.5.1 download.
  • Improved: GPS Filtering Undersampling

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