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OkMap 15.4

OkMap 15.4

What new:

New map context menu: Generate.

New map context menu: Coordinates – Show compass.

File Manager: Added project management menu and load web map menu.

Distance/area/route box: Added descriptions of values.

New acceleration keys: Alt+F => "File – File Manager" and Alt+B => "Navigate – GPS Communication".

FIX: Space reorganization in the Map tiling function to be able to operate even with low resolution screens.

FIX: Route Display: Route segments are displayed even if all waypoints are off the map.

FIX: Distance/area/route: Wrong representation of the inverse azimuth in radians.

FIX: Use of arrows when distance/area/route box is displayed.

FIX: Increased the precision in the rotation of the map icons.


product:OkMap 15.4