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GEOMax X-PAD Office Fusion 5.2.100

X-PAD Office Fusion 5.2

X-PAD Fusion is a desktop software integrating geospatial data from TPS, GNSS, scanners and other sensors in a single environment.

Different to other software solutions in the market with X-PAD Fusion we offer our customers one software solution that manages measurements, coordinates, drawings, point clouds and other types of data in ONE platform in a simple and intuitive way. We help you get started immediately with our interactive tutorials that guide you through the whole workflow to create even more ease of use.

A new concept of software for processing all types of geospatial data with real integration of different information. Experience easy import of data, calculations, adjustments, scan registration and management of the clouds, points, measurements, surfaces and images, topographical utilities and drawing functions all in one application.

X-SCAN Module

Import, Record, Done

From import to registration with a single guided wizard. Powerful registration functions allow you to quickly and easily match your clouds also by using topographic points. During the registration you are constantly accompanied by visual information and controls that helps to avoid mistakes. Even if it is your first job with the laser scanner a good result is guaranteed.

Registration and bundle adjustment

Robust algorithms are able to process point clouds and return the best results considering all the scans as a whole. Several options allow to improve the results according to the specific type of work and target recognition offers alternative way to have faster and better results. The automatic registration module is an irreplaceable tool that generates the final results with one single click.

Millions of points? Handling made easy

Powerful selection tools allow you to capture the closest, the lowest, highest, or the average point of the surroundings of selection. With Smart Magnifier you have the direct view of points in the identified area and you can choose your point with absolute precision without constantly change the point of view.

Images inside a bubble

The pictures are always the best way to understand reality; the laser scanner is no exception. The bubble view of X-PAD Office Fusion allows you to indicate the points for drawing directly on the images and the software will choose the right coordinates.

Orthophotos and cross-sections

The typical results required from a set of scans are the orthophotos and cross-sections. X-PAD Office Fusion allow to generate them with very few and intuitive steps.

Measurements turn into 3D digital model

Surfaces and mesh 3D can be extracted from the point clouds and take the color of the points or texturized with the scanner’s photos or texturized from a panoramic photo previously imported and linked to the scan.

X-TOPO module

Everything under control

The measures are the essence of the work of the professional surveyor; with X-PAD Office Fusion you can import the measures from your instruments and you always have the control of all the information to verify at any time the quality of your work. You can edit and correct any mistakes made in the field and then recalculate the coordinates. If you\’ve collected photos and audio recordings in the field, then you can access to this information and use it in the creation of the final drawings.

The points, the result of your work

With X-PAD Office Fusion you can customize the representation of the point in all aspects to create the best drawing possible. The point is the element to which all other entities in the drawing are referring to; if the point coordinates are recalculated, or you have changed the coordinate system, the drawing continues to maintain the link with the points.

Calculations is its job

X-PAD Office Fusion calculates and solves all kinds of surveys, GNSS, total station, digital level and mixed with the least squares algorithms for precise calculation. You have the ability to define cartographic systems, apply geoid corrections, reduce the distance to your reference level. Reliability and precision, this is what you need and this is what X-PAD Office Fusion offers.

Surfaces, Volumes and cross-sections with one click

No matter if you have topographic points or point clouds or both; you can create 3D models, contour lines, calculate cross-sections and volumes out of it using several methods. Powerful tools and options allow you to customize the final drawings to obtain the best results possible for you customers.

Georeference raster maps

Raster maps can be imported and translated, rotated and scaled to fit to the right position. Specific tools allow to reduce the input time of the control points and the localized transformation supports to act locally to each part of the maps and adjust local errors without their propagation in other part of the raster. The result is a map that matches exactly the reference points.

One software for all workflows

From import to final drawings, X-PAD Office Fusion offers you the best tools without having to pass data from one program to another. You can load data from total stations, GPS, digital levels and laser scanners, and calculate, view and manage in one software. You can connect TPS survey, GPS survey, levels, laser scanner sessions and see everything together.

Visualisation and working comfort

A modern working environment, designed to manage geospatial data, and a powerful CAD 3D are the basic framework on which topographic and laser scanner modules have been developed. Data can be viewed and managed on table grids with countless powerful functions for searching, filtering and editing.

Data organisation

With X-PAD Office Fusion you can handle different types of data: measures, points, drawings, surfaces, cross-sections and point clouds. With the Project Manager you can organise the data within the same job file. Multiple survey sessions and different groups of drawings can be managed and data made visible or invisible at any time.




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