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Capturing Reality RealityCapture 1.1 Blaze

Capturing Reality RealityCapture 1.1 Blaze

What are the release highlights?

From now on RealityCapture takes into account different accuracies of individual camera position, camera orientation and other parameters from PPK/RTK flight logs. In addition, users can easily customize the importer by editing a simple xml file to read flight logs from their own PPK/RTK UAV.

This will dramatically reduce the users work directly in the field and post-processing time in RealityCapture. PPK data will greatly increase speed while reducing an amount of needed GCPs required for one dataset while preserving the accuracy. Users can also generate reports where they can quickly review accuracies of an alignment, camera positions and so on.

Further, with the new powerful AI classify tool RealityCapture can distinguish bare ground from other objects and generate digital terrain models. In addition to the automatic AI classify users have the option to edit the classification by assigning the classes manually.

With the new LOD export and Upload to Cesium ion users can work seamlessly on large datasets and share a work directly to the clients through URL link.

For those who are using laser scanner, RealityCapture now support direct import of Z+F laser scans without the need to convert it into .e57 or ptx. This significantly reduces both, time and HW consumption.

Moreover, RealityCapture now also support direct import of Leica BLK3D image group files. Leica BLK3D is a simple handheld device with a size of a smartphone with two 10 Mpx cameras. These two cameras are synchronously capturing images; hence you are basically capturing 20 Mpx images. Since it is capturing images sequentially the file needs to be imported into RealityCapture as video. The great benefit is that as the distance between these two cameras is known, RealityCapture uses this information and automatically scales your scene.

Selected new features

Added new Accuracy and georeferencing report template

Application localization into Spanish, Korean, Chinese simplified, French

Small components grouping and deletion

New DSM /DTM export options – masking empty pixels using alpha channel, normalizing image and 2 modes of storing depth

Export of point cloud classification

Text file importer improved

Added more color palettes for displaying DSM/DTM in 2D view

Possibility to remove input image layer

Possibility to choose image layer used for coloring

New numbering formats for export to .obj, .ply, .xyz that support lossless export & import

Shift + holding left mouse button rotates reconstruction region in 15deg increments

Possibility to hide texture layer and show vertex colors

Filter selection now does not reset reconstruction region setup

Automatic setting for sampling method, supersampling and reprojection distance in texture reprojection tool

Added option to perform reprojection during simplification in Simplify tool

Added mesh and texture quality presets for Sketchfab upload

Added Merge components button in the Alignment tab (removed from Alignment settings)

Map view improvements – camera selections, using color cursors, placing ground control points

Updates to CLI

New CLI commands (dtmClassify, export3dTiles, exportLod, importLeicaBlk3D, mergeComponents, selectAllImages, deselectAllImages, invertImageSelection)

RC CMD line is translated by the string translator before executing, i.e. CLI commands can be controlled using the variables and basic functions.

Console outputs of the application can by redirected into the text files using getStatus command


Due to the improvements in the text files importer there is a need to generate the parametric files in the latest version when importing flight log, control points measurements and ground control points via CLI. Specifically, this concerns using commands importFlightLog, importControlPointsMeasurements, and importGroundControlPoints.

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