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GEO-SLOPE GeoStudio 2021

GEO-SLOPE GeoStudio 2021

Combine Analyses and Geometries in a Single, Integrated Project

The integrated GeoStudio software suite allows you to combine multiple analyses using different products into a single modeling project. You can then use the results from one analysis as the starting conditions for another one. New analyses can be easily created by cloning an existing analysis and adjusting its properties. When you are ready to analyze the model, GeoStudio solves the analyses in the appropriate order, taking advantage of parallel processing.

This unique and powerful feature greatly expands the types of problems you can analyze. Use this approach to model construction sequences, establish initial conditions, perform sensitivity analyses, model complex time sequences, or simply decompose a complex problem into a number of smaller, more manageable analyses.

Included with the purchase of any GeoStudio single product or bundle is a free GeoStudio Basic license. Analyses created with a Geostudio Basic license can be included in the same file as the full-featured GeoStudio analysis, further unlocking the power of integration.

Multi-view Modeling Environment

Docking windows in GeoStudio allow you to view information in multiple views so you can quickly access the data you need. You can customize the display of docking windows to suit your particular needs. A status bar provides both view information and quick access to commands such as zooming, and a progress bar during lengthy operations such as solving.

Docking windows include an Analysis Explorer, Solve Manager, Result Times, Slip Surfaces, and Sensitivity Runs. The Analysis Explorer displays a tree view of the analyses in the project, allowing you to quickly change the analysis you are viewing. The Solve Manager allows you to solve one or more analyses and watch their progress even while continuing to work on another analysis. The Result Times window displays a list of time steps that have computed results. When you select a time step, all currently displayed views and dialog boxes show the results computed for the selected time.

The Slip Surfaces window displays a list of SLOPE/W computed trial slip surfaces. When you select a slip surface, the Results view will show the complete slip surface results. If detailed results are unavailable, GeoStudio will compute them on-demand, allowing you to view detailed forces or graphs on any particular slip surface without having to designate it as a "critical" slip surface.

The Sensitivity Runs window displays a list of runs performed for a sensitivity analysis. Each sensitivity run is now a complete slope stability analysis, allowing you to view all computed slip surface results for each individual run.

Define Geometry using Drawing Tools or by Importing CAD files

Defining the geometry of the physical system is usually the first step in a numerical analysis. GeoStudio provides all the tools necessary to define the model domain including coordinate import, copy-paste geometric items, length and angle feedback, region merge, region split, and direct keyboard entry of coordinates, lengths, and angles. Otho-snapping to horizontal and vertical directions can be used to facilitate geometry definition. 

GeoStudio\’s 3D geometry creation tool, BUILD3D, offers a comprehensive set of drawing tools including sketch, plane, extrude, and sweep. In addition, BUILD3D has powerful Boolean operations, which provide explicit cutting, merge, and imprint functionality to define how 3D geometry items intersect one another. 

AutoCAD DWG or DXF files can be imported directly into GeoStudio for the definition of domain geometry. Importing capabilities are also available for creating the model domain in BUILD3D. Finally, image files can be imported, scaled, and the region geometry drawn directly over top.

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