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PaleoScan 2020

PaleoScan 2020

PaleoScan™ Core is the new generation of 2D/3D seismic interpretation platform. It includes all the necessary tools to run a comprehensive workflow, from data loading to generation of interpreted objects in a user-friendly environment, offering rapid data screening and cross navigation. PaleoScan™ offers a comprehensive approach to semi-automatically interpret seismic volumes, in addition to the standard interpretation tools for horizons, faults and multi-Z objects. Thanks to powerful editing tools, the interpretation can be refined and the geological model can be previewed in real time. A suite of applications allows:

  • Computing a large panel of attributes (spectral decomposition, etc.)
  • Generating a large number of horizons, the stratal-slicing of volumes
  • Extracting and quantifying geobodies
  • Interpreting, enhancing and characterizing faults & fractures
  • Cross correlating wells and markers and log types.

PaleoScan™ takes also advantage of parallel computing with the latest multi-core technologies.




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