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tNavigator 2020.1

tNavigator 2020.1

tNavigator, developed by Rock Flow Dynamics, is a high-performance tool for integrated static and dynamic modelling from reservoir to surface networks. tNavigator has been in development for 15 years, releasing 4 software updates per year. Our team includes 50 support engineers and geologists in 32 offices across 28 countries and over 100 software engineers supporting our development. The tNavigator community has 290+ commercial clients in 42 countries and 80+ universities in 28 countries.

Why choose tNavigator?

A one-stop comprehensive reservoir management solution that leverages modern computing architecture to deliver superior speed, scalability & ease-of-use.

tNavigator solves tough problems – quickly, reliably and robustly. Large & small models; conventional & unconventional; offshore & onshore; black oil, compositional or thermal.

A single environment for: seismic, geology, geomechanics, reservoir engineering, PVT, wellbore and surface network modelling. No time wasted or data lost moving between applications.

Delivers fully-coupled, fully-implicit simulations of reservoir and surface network systems. This means more reliable production forecasts, delivered quicker.

Takes full account of uncertainty throughout your system, for better optimisation of production and improved history matching.

Adapts to your environment. It is a multiplatform application written in C++/ CUDA. It runs on laptops, workstations and HPC clusters, with or without GPUs. A cloud-based solution with full graphical user interface capabilities and cloud-side post-processing via remote desktop is also available.

tNavigator’s impressive scalability derives from parallel technology that takes full advantage of multi-core CPU and GPU processing units. The domain decomposition between computational threads for shared and distributed memory systems, as well as load balancing is done automatically. Reservoir engineers can focus on improving production, tNavigator takes care of the computing architecture.

tNavigator offers a wide range of tools to allow geoscientists to fulfil their static modelling workflows including: seismic interpretation, well correlation, a structural modelling application, facies and petrophysical modelling and volumetric calculations. tNavigator has Python based workflows, allowing the user to complete routine operations in an automated and timely manor. The tools open up a newly collaborative environment for Geoscientists to understand current fields and prospects and make concise geological decisions.

Product:tNavigator 2020.1