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FRACPRO 2019 v10.10.13


Version 10.10.13


*  Improved memory management allowing much longer job times / smaller time steps both for multiple and single treatment jobs

*  Saving INP file in Fracpro, now saves results along with the INP file. This allows the user to load the same input file at a later time and see the results without having to re-run the model.

*  Added option in Wellbore Configuration-Perf Interval to enter multiple rows of perforation data by copying the data from Excel. We have also added new screen to set default perforation settings.

*  Added ability to drag reservoir layers in Integrated Fracture Profile’s Horizontal pane to adjust relative depths.

*  Added option to copy Plot’s data to the clipboard in data format so that it can be pasted/viewed easily in other files like Excel easily.

*  Added option to shift log data up/down in Log Layer Editor.

* Added option to model Pulse proppant in Treatment Schedule F6.

*  Major changes to dual entry pumping. All combinations are now allowed (clean fluid / proppant down tubing and/or annulus).

* Automatic creation of user-defined channels from imported formulas in Simple Mode.

* Developed new Injection Mode in Production Analysis with possibility of Water or HC injection.

*  Improvements in DataConvert allowing it to recognize wider range of files and time/date formats.

* The FracproEclipse & FracproIMEX interface has been upgraded to be able to generate a fully ready-to-run Eclipse deck, for both vertical and horizontal multi-fracture wells.

*  A new tutorial showing how to use the reservoir simulation interface has been created, based on the historic GRI Staged Field Experiment #3 well. The new tutorial includes both the fracture treatment data and the post-frac production data (90 days flowing and 30 days of buildup).


* Added Water Saturation to Integrated Fracture Profile’s Layer channel list.

* User can now simple left click and zoom-in on a plot. User can new do left-click and drag on or below the Xaxis to set the X-axis range. This operation will not change the Y-axis settings.

* Set default “Save” directory to user/documents folder.

* User can now change color of a channel by simply double clicking on the color column in Plot Preference dialog.

* Increase the number of decimal points for Porosity in Production Analysis mode.

*  DataConvert now detects units present in second row of the input CSV file.

* Improvements in Frac3D model.

* Added several upgrades to the 3D Reservoir viewer.

* Added a new channel “Btm Prop Total – All Zones” for multiple clusters which is sum of all Btm Prop total, for all the clusters in the treatment.

Product:FRACPRO 2019 v10.10.13