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tNavigator 19.1

tNavigator 19.1

New technologies developed by the research and product development teams of Rock Flow Dynamics are integrated into the company’s flagship product – tNavigatorTM. This software is designed for running dynamic reservoir simulations on engineers’ laptops, servers, and HPC clusters. tNavigator is written in C++ and designed from the ground up to run parallel acceleration algorithms on multicore and manycore shared and distributed memory computing systems.

The software employs Qt graphical libraries, which makes the system true multiplatform. By taking advantage of the latest computing technologies like NUMA, Hyperthreading, MPI/SMP hybrids, the performance of tNavigator by far exceeds the performance of any industry standard dynamic simulation tools. Only by using tNavigator can users be sure to unlock the full potential of modern computing hardware.

Unlike other competing software products, tNavigator license pricing doesn’t depend on the number of cores employed in the shared memory computing systems.

One of the other distinctive features, which sets tNavigator apart from any existing products, is the interactive user control of the simulation run. Users can not only monitor every step of the reservoir simulation at runtime, but also, they can directly interrupt and change the simulation’s configurations with just a mouse click.


Product:tNavigator 19.1