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lmrk GeoGraphix discovery 2019.1

discovery 2019.1

What’s New in 2019.1?

LMKR is pleased to announce the release of GVERSE NOW, a web-based launch platform for all GeoGraphix and GVERSE applications. GVERSE NOW provides instant access to GeoGraphix and GVERSE support, documentation, white papers, training schedules, webinars, software downloads, and release and user group announcements. The ultimate goal in building GVERSE NOW is to put the entire range of LMKR resources at your fingertips – so you get the support and information you need – when you need it.

What’s New in 2017.3?

The following is a summary of the new features added to GeoGraphix Release 2017.3.


ESRI ArcGIS Runtime Engine 10.5.1

ESRI ArcGIS Runtime Engine 10.5.1 is supported in this release.

Advanced Database Security

All users are now logged into the database using their active directory credentials instead of the default user ID and password. This enables you to trace transactions performed on the database for auditing purposes.

Microsoft Office 2016

Support for Microsoft Office 2016 (32-bit and 64-bit) is added.


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