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DecisionSpace Geosciences 10ep.3.06

DecisionSpace Geosciences 10ep.3.06

A complete geoscience suite created to deliver one overriding outcome:

Collaboration by Design

DecisionSpace Geosciences 10 suite is founded on a consistent framework model of the subsurface.

    Increase efficiency and confidence with all geoscientists working on the same shared volume.

    Generate large models faster and validate interpretations early and often, with automatic updates from new interpretations or real-time drilling data.

    Use the industry\’s only environment for team collaboration with integrated, real time, multi-user interpretation for geology and geophysics.

    Exploit all your E&P data from multiple sources, including your existing Landmark platform or other vendors\’ databases.

Unique Scalability

DecisionSpace Geosciences 10 suite is also available in DecisionSpace G1 Edition – the first solution in the industry where the same, complete reservoir characterization solution, from geology to geophysics to earth modeling, can run standalone with an embedded database or in an enterprise architecture within a collaborative, multi-user environment.

    Evaluate increasingly complex reservoirs and gain richer prospect evaluation in compressed timeframes using complete and advanced workflows, from geophysical interpretation to earth modeling.

    Go mobile – safely and securely take your data and workflows to rigs, partner meetings, remote offices, or wherever you choose to work without sacrificing industry-leading data management.

    Reduce the need for IT support with easy installation and self-contained data management.

New features and benefits with DecisionSpace Geosciences 10

DecisionSpace Geosciences 10 software is the latest release of the DecisionSpace application suite and brings key new workflow and functional capabilities:

Frameworks to handle Big Data volumes

The award-winning Dynamic Frameworks to Fill® technology handles big data faster and better by eliminating time-consuming manual mapping rework using the industry\’s only topology engine, with surface-to-surface and fault-to-fault automation logic. Additionally, the patent pending Visual Volumetrics yields super accurate GRV and reserves volumes.

Horizontal Well Correlation

Steer horizontal and deviated wells accurately using models updated in response to real-time log correlation data. As the well progresses, add faults, conduct well-to-well correlations in time and depth, and update all with Dynamic Frameworks to Fill in real-time during drilling operations, not weeks after the fact.

Collaborative Well Planning

Reduce the complexity of massive drilling campaigns, especially for unconventional assets, by automating many common well plan parameters, from the target point back to the surface, allowing the experienced well planner and the asset team to consider the best ways to drill complex wells efficiently and at the lowest cost. Collaborative Well Planning incorporates GIS data and other critical topographical information impacting well pad placement and field drilling designs. .

Earth Modeling

Improve analysis with pre-eminent 3D reservoir characterization for discovering rock and fluid properties from well data, petrophysical and seismic attributes, and production properties.

Well Seismic Fusion™ Software

Delivers the tie-to-seismic that the industry demands with the industry\’s best and complete well-to-seismic-tie suite, including Checkshot computation, sonic calibration and synthetic seismogram generation with full frequency ranges and wavelet types, all "on the fly".

Product:DecisionSpace Geosciences 10ep.3.06