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SonarWiz V7.3

SonarWiz v7.3

Feature Details

Survey Planning

    Load background maps and charts from a range of formats including DNC, RNC, S57, and GeoTIFF.

    Automatically plan survey lines parallel to a reference line, within a polygon based on either efficiency or conventional patterns.

    Generate planned survey maps as a GeoPDF, GeoTIFF, ECW, JPEG or Google Earth.

    Estimate survey timing.


    Preview files with the SNIFF feature.

    Add and fix navigation data with NavInjectorPro.

    Leverage advanced signal processing and gain control; take advantage of features such as beam angle correction, de-striping, non-linear per channel TVG, AGC, Band Pass Filtering and Stacking, Contact (target) capture, annotation, and summary reporting via 3D Viewer.

    Employ flexible layback configurations.

    Easily printable output.

    Grid/contour isopach-type shapefile / grid generation from selected variables (e.g. altitude + depth).

Hardware Compatibility

SonarWiz is compatible with the following Sonar Hardware:

    Atlas NA, C-Max, EdgeTech, Falmouth Scientific, Imagenex, Innomar, Knudson, Kongsberg-GeoAcoustics, Kongsberg Hugin AUV, L-3 Communications Klein Associates, PingDSP, R2Sonic, SyQwest, Teledyne Benthos, Teledyne Gavia, Teledyne Odom, and Tritech.

Real-Time Data Acquisition

    Leverage the SonarWiz Layout Manager to position windows and menus for maximum efficiency; save frequently used layouts.

    Control viewing of incoming statistics with System Info Display; edit and save display configurations.

    Connect sensors and monitor positioning quality with GPS Quality parameter indicators.

    Use right and left survey line indicators to facilitate helmsman operations.

    Acquire sonar, navigation sensor, depth sensor, payout meter and magnetometer data simultaneously.

    Configure the comprehensive real time signal processing and gain controls including Auto Gain, Auto TVG, Manual Linear Gain and Manual TV. Gains only affect visual information, not raw data.

    Control mosaic creation in real time with Mosaic Mode; feature helps manage large surveys by displaying only data that’s been specifically requested.

    Track towfish height above seafloor automatically with Real Time Bottom Tracker.

    Capture contacts and digitize features in real time or post processing.

    Preserve the full fidelity of sonar data across multiple formats. For example SonarWiz allows for recording in industry standard XTF or vendor-specific formats such as Edgetech JSF or GeoAcostics GCF.


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