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FARO CAM2 Measure 2018.5

FARO CAM2 Measure 2018.5

FARO CAM2 2018 is the world’s smartest 3D measurement platform and the only metrology software in the market that delivers on the strategic goals to always offer the best integrated FARO hardware experience, intuitive workflow and insightful reporting. CAM2 continues to redefine metrology software to ensure that any user can quickly and easily accomplish their measurement tasks and capture actionable business data through the intuitive user interface and image-guided, automated measurement workflows.

CAM2 delivers the perfect alignment between your FARO hardware and FARO software to gather measurement data anywhere in your environment. CAM2 provides a seamless and manageable measurement experience for all users, without the need for extensive training or expertise, along with accurate and comprehensive insight into your measurement results.

The CAM2 platform’s focus on faster, easier and better immediately translates into less time and resources, as well as, lower costs for your business.

RPM (Repeat Part Management)

CAM2 allows you to quickly and simply set-up repeatable measurement inspection workflows that can be pushed to any workstation and then executed by multiple users anywhere across your factory floor.


Simplified analysis and visual reporting allows the results from a part inspection to be displayed just like a print to easily visualize and determine part quality. This completely eliminates the need to look at each feature sequentially to make the same determination.

Simultaneous Measurement Capabilities

Users can easily connect several measurement devices to one running instance of CAM2. This provides the scalability that reduces the inspection time by parallelizing the data capture process during any measurement job.

Live Color Scan

Users can quickly scan free-form parts and check their quality in real-time. The software provides immediate feedback with different colors for showing deviations from the CAD model during the scanning process, supporting an easy and prompt identification of inconsistencies. No additional post scan analysis is required.

Align My Part Wizard

The Align My Part Wizard enables simple CAD-to-Part alignment. With a single button click, the user is guided through the process of defining an alignment using 3 datums or 6 or more surface points.

Remote Measurement

With the CAM2 Remote Apple App, iPhone®, iPod Touch® and iPad® owners can communicate with their CAM2 via WLAN and thus conduct remote measurements: run commands, change scanning modes, take positions, and see results in real-time. It also supports multiple operators and QuickTools.

Super 6DoF TrackArm Positioning

The Locate TrackArm Wizard guides the user to easily align a FaroArm or FARO ScanArm (with TrackArm kit) to a FARO Laser Tracker, enabling users to measure with a FaroArm or FARO ScanArm over a larger volume within the same coordinate system.


    Import/export points to a text file

    Import CAD files

    Export measurement results to CAD

    Export Point Cloud to mesh

    Export CAD as XGL



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