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Qiteam 2018

Qiteam 2018

Prestack seismic interpretation:

Rock physics and AVO inversion feasibility

Prestack seismic data conditioning

AVO/AVA analysis and attribute

Low-frequency modeling

Prestack seismic inversion

Multi-seismic attribute prediction

Post-stack seismic interpretation

Multiple well-to-seismic ties

Seismic interpretation

Structural modeling and mapping

3D velocity modeling and depth conversion

Seismic attribute and mapping

Data service:

E&P data management and database

Data conditioning and services

3D strata cube and slice interpretation

2D seismic miss-tie correction and interpretation

Project consulting:

Project screening and prospect mapping

Resource assessment

Over pressure prediction

Research and development:

Joint technology research and software development

Software development out-sourcing


In-sourcing manpower

On-site consulting and support

Professional training

Qiteam is a geophysical technology company specializing in the science of quantitative interpretation (QI), providing project based consultancy using our proprietary and innovative QI software. Our tailored QI workflows combine descriptive geological disciplines with accurate geophysical measurements to help our clients better understand their reservoirs. The combination of our extensive experience in QI technology development and project execution ensures a seamless transition from idea to solution.



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