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Roxar RMS 2018 V11

Roxar™ RMS is an industry-leading geoscience and reservoir engineering collaboration platform, offering geophysicists, geologists and reservoir engineers a shared space to compile and visualize a wide range of data from oil and gas fields. The software enables users to integrate data from multiple sources, perform interpretations, and build reservoir models for which uncertainties on both data and interpretations can be captured and propagated across the workflow. The result is a realistic set of reservoir models that are consistent with the input data and underlying geology.

Key Features

A new plug-in technology enabling the development of a customized user interface (using JavaScript and HTML5) positions RMS for future web and cloud-enabled workflows.

 A modern object-based algorithm for facies modeling of fluvial deposits, offering excellent conditioning to input data while providing extended flexibility through a new graphical user interface. As a first step towards modernizing the powerful property modeling offering in RMS, this new functionality greatly improves the user’s experience and performance.

New regional modeling tools have been added for both structural and grid models. This concept uses geometric definitions of regions and their attributes in a unified fashion, for robust, automated, region-based workflows.

 Additional improvements to the user experience include:

 A fast and flexible data tree

More navigation and visualization options to support Model-Driven Interpretation (MDI)

Powerful tools to generate simulation-ready flow models