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STIMPRO matrix acidizing analysis software

The STIMPRO matrix acidizing design and analysis software enables the design, simulation and analysis of acid injection treatments below the fracture initiation pressure.

Reduce treatment costs, increase production, improve economics

The unique features and powerful capabilities of the STIMPRO system allow quick design, analysis and optimization of acid jobs. The system facilitates modifications during job execution and assists in performing a complete post-job analysis. This allows you to lower treatment costs, increase production and improve economics for your acidizing treatments.

Industry-leading power to model all phases of acid jobs

As the industry\’s most complete tool for all phases in matrix acidizing work, the STIMPRO system provides a customer-tailored acid/additive library, easy-to-use wellbore data entries, reservoir and mineralogy descriptions, and excellent reporting capabilities. The fully integrated acidizing model is programmed for both carbonates and sandstones.

Multi-layered reservoirs, deviated and horizontal wells

The software models wellbore hydraulics, complicated geochemical reactions and heat transfer between the wellbore, reservoir and fluids. It can be used to simulate multi-layered reservoirs in deviated or horizontal wells.

Our software also has the ability to monitor the evolving skin factor during job execution as well as graphically show the predicted clean-up.

Analysis with real-time data

The STIMPRO system collects treatment data in real time for job analysis, giving you a better understanding of the well’s response to stimulation and facilitating the optimization of future treatments.