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Datamine Discover 2017

Discover QuickMag
Discover QuickMag

Construct reliable geological models of magnetic anomalies in a fraction of the time of manual methods.

Simply point at an anomaly, choose a geological style and in seconds QuickMag will automatically construct a 3D model of the magnetic source.
Discover 3D

Looking for greater insight? Transform two-dimensional GIS into a full 3D system with Discover 3D. Fully integrated with MapInfo 64-Bit, Discover 3D is designed to meet the needs of geologists, environmental scientists, cartographers, exploration managers, and petroleum engineers.

Share your Discover 3D environments with anyone with our free Discover Viewer. The user can visualise and fully interact with any pre-created Discover 3D session.
MapInfo Discover3D

Datamine Discover 64-bit is the indispensable GIS package for the compilation, mapping and analysis of spatial geosciences information, such as drillhole, geophysical, geochemical and geological field data. Discover is ideal for conducting regional exploration programs, prospect-scale drilling, geotechnical evaluations or environmental monitoring.
MapInfo Discover
Discover PA
Discover PA enables users visualise, analyse and process geophysical line data grids, modeling, images, drills, maps and 3D visualisations in a single interactive interpretation environment.
Discover PA
Datamine’s Discover solutions are specifically developed for the mining and exploration industry and can greatly increase utilisation of data, revealing possibilities previously mired in spreadsheets and graphs
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