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crystal 2018.1

Integrated Field Surveillance
CRYSTAL combines microseismic interpretation, hydrofrac data and geomodel predictions to enhance real-time decision making. Subsurface GeoEngineering teams work together on a common platform to understand where microseismic events occur with respect to horizons, faults, well trajectories, and Continuous Fracture Model predictions that are defined on the geocellular grid.

Hydraulic fracture data (pressure data and other time series) can be viewed as a snapshot or a movie to better understand how microseismic events correlate with varying downhole conditions.

Reservoir Framework Construction
A key strength of CRYSTAL is its ability to generate robust 3D geocellular grids from interpreted single-z and multi-z horizons and faults, with the ability to represent hundreds of faults directly in the reservoir.
Users can visualize, edit, and manipulate attributes and user-defined reservoir properties in time or depth. This package also includes a suite of upscaling tools and routines for coarsening the geocellular model, as needed.

The Reservoir Framework Construction package includes the ability to import from Kingdom™ and a broad range of seismic, well, and field data formats. Additionally, 3D meshes can be exported to Eclipse and CMG to drive reservoir simulations, or to Petrel® for use in other workflows.

High-Resolution Imaging & Inversion
CRYSTAL now includes ThinMAN™, the powerful spectral inversion technique from SIGMA³. Subsurface GeoEngineering teams apply ThinMAN to perform \”space-time adaptive\” spectral inversion, which combines non-stationary wavelets with optimization algorithms to generate high-resolution images (pseudo-impedance volumes) of their reservoirs.

A companion tool, SpecMAN™, allows users to visualize the results of a suite of additional proprietary spectral decomposition routines, including the SIGMA³ proprietary industry-leading ExSpect™ algorithm, leading to a deeper understanding of the interplay between frequency and interpreted images of thinly layered structures or changes in lithology and/or fluid properties. SpecMAN also provides users with the ability to display and manipulate mono-frequency attributes in the form of volumetric or horizon-based data, and includes data analytics tools to study the statistical distributions of these data sets.

The High-Resolution Imaging & Inversion package also includes pre- and post-stack inversion routines, such as colored and sparse spike inversion, as well as our proprietary high-resolution deterministic and stochastic methods. CRYSTAL users combine best-in-class inversion and spectral methods in order to determine rock properties, fracture networks and hydrocarbon indicators directly from well and seismic data
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