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Welcome to Tecplot RS 2015 R2!
What’s New in Tecplot RS 2015 R2
Tecplot RS 2015 R2 includes a number of new features and
usability improvements requested by our valued customers.
• Weighted KSum and KAvg
The KSum and KAvg operations can now include a
weighting variable, which can be set in the KSum/KAvg
Options dialog. For KSum, the weighting variable is
multiplied by the selected grid variable and the result is
summed for each column of cells. KAvg also takes the
weighting into account for Arithmetic, Geometric, and
Harmonic averages.
• Multi-Variable Quick XY Plots
The Quick XY Plots for grid variables can now include
lines for multiple variables depending on the type of
plot being displayed. Just click the main plot to update
the Quick XY plot.
• Multi-Variable Grid Plots- When multiple grid
variables are displayed in different frames, the
Quick XY plot displays the time history of each
displayed variable at each clicked cell.
• Dual Porosity Cases- When the matrix and fracture
grid solutions are displayed together, the Quick XY
plot displays the time histories for both matrix and
fracture data for the displayed grid variable at each
clicked cell.
• Grid Comparisons- When comparing multiple grid
cases, the Quick XY plot displays the time history
for the displayed grid variable for each grid
solution at each clicked cell, allowing easy
comparison of the differences between grid