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Issues Addressed by Mastercam X9 Update 1

Radial chip thinning factor (RCTF) changes the FPT, feed, and speed
Update All option not updating feed and speed
Invalid radius condition on chamfer mill
Moving entity blanks geometry instead of deleting it
Xform functions not creating new geometry
ATP only processes one operation per level
ATP custom cut list fails without front/back identifiers in file names
Extruding and analyzing solids error
Switching WCS on toolpaths used in Nesting causes error
NCI not updated after changes in Plane Manager
Multiaxis linking move inverts tool
Locking four-axis toolpath around X-axis rotates around Y-axis
Mill-Turn machine deactivates some CAD functionality
Files with many tools/operations delay opening of Toolpath parameter page
Copying a tool not marking operation dirty
Mastercam start-up issues for some OS/processor combinations
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