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Depocam v13

Release notes for DEPOCAM version 13.0.09
2743 : Increased time-lapse for network dongle checks. This improves performance at some sites.
3632 : Updated GPOST to V6.6P15. Fixes rotation issue.
3662 : Post processor: The Heidenhain drilling cycle, Cycl def 205 now outputs: \”Second Surface Z Height
Prefix\” (Q379), which is 0.0. \”Pre position feedrate prefix\” ~(Q253), with the feedrate defined in the cutting
parameters. Also reordered a couple of lines, so the Q values are the same order as the Heidenhain
Key Features
Easy handling
Minimal training required
Directly usable in the workshop or the CAM office
Fast calculation of efficient, reliable toolpaths for even the most complex geometries with highly sophisticated surface
High-speed machining strategies, optimized driving directions
Immediate graphical representation and simulation of toolpaths
3 + 2-axis milling and drilling
5-axis simultaneous milling, 5-axis milling dodge
Visualized processing models
Machine Simulation
Full collision checking of tool and tool holder
Pro/ENGINEER- and associativity with SolidWorks data
Batch Processing
Repeat sequence of work by macro technology
Multi-threaded architecture, parallel processing (Multiple processors and Hyper-Threading)
Product:Depocam v13