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Quickly and easily unfold shapes

Plate’n’Sheet Development Software is a Stand-alone application (No CAD Software required). However, if you have a CAD software like AutoCAD 14-2016 or IntelliCAD the development can be read directly as a DWG format. For other CAD software – they can import the developement as a DXF file.
\”Ease of use\” is the guiding principle. In Version 4, many additional features and shapes have been added while maintaining the program’s original simplicity that Plate\’n\’Sheet is known for.

The shape may be viewed as either a 3D model or as a flat pattern at any stage of the process. Sizes may be altered at any time and the shape will change dynamically. Tools are supplied to zoom in or out and to view the shape from different angles.

Orthographic viewing angles (top, front, side, end and four isometric angles) are available at the click of a button to allow true length measurements to be taken directly from the model.

Wherever possible, error messages will let you know if a size is not valid or conflicts with another size.

Several dimensioning modes are available and the resultant pattern may be printed or exported as a DXF for use in SMP/IS or other software.