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Edgecam 2015 R1 SU2 Update

This document contains a list of bug fixes and enhancement requests implemented in Edgecam 2015 R1 SU2.
• For new features and enhancements in this release, please refer to What’s New in Edgecam 2015 R1 SU2.
• The ID column lists the development task number associated to the item. This is also listed against your original support call in the Customer Support Portal.
67376 Rough Groove – Leaves more stock material than it should Fixed.
80588 Positioning clamp/fixture with reference input gives wrong position if stock
does not match the edge
80781 Strategy generated rough turn toolpath is initially wrong but is OK following
a regen
80839 EWS – Intellisnap gives wrong diameter information Fixed.
80899 Show Tool on Cursor – Does not display tool any more Fixed.
80908 Manage Themes and Ribbon Interface – All commands are available
regardless of the license
80948 Geometry – Point/Arc creation with wrong co-ordinate if using \”Reference
80980 Part Modeler fails to install Chinese language packs due to the length
(number of characters) in the setupcad.ini setting
80989 Live Job Reports – Chinese text on some pages is not displayed correctly Fixed.
80998 Regression %OUTFILE does not output all the lines Fixed.
81024 Thread database – location of current thread database is not being read from
File Locations
81050 EWS – Import DXF while in inch environment will convert entities size Fixed.
81116 Translated Browser Tab names revert to English in the Workflow interface Fixed.
81159 Simulator – profile stock not exported in 2015 R1 Fixed.
81302 Code Wizard – Does not remember last version opened Fixed.
81311 Code Wizard 2015 does not register its location as last used Fixed.
81403 File Save – \’Error in cross referencing part file\’ when attempting to save file Fixed.
81597 Finish Turn – Use Rough Turn Contour applying unwanted toolpath offset in
81715 Profiling Milling – Strange cusp height toolpath created depending on XY and
Z offset
Product:Edgecam 2015 R1 SU2 Update