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CAESAR II 2014 v7.0

This webinar covers the joint feature release of CAESAR II version 7.0 and FEA Tools version 2.0. During this webinar, Richard Ay (Intergraph) and Tony Paulin (Paulin Research Group) will :

Conduct a collapse test to demonstrate how B31.3 torsional allowable moment can be greater than collapse moment
Conduct a stiffness test to show how calculated displacements of actual 2” stainless steel piping system are underestimated by two times
Compare B31.3 Equations for expansion and sustained stresses
Discuss warnings that are provided when pressure stresses are used in the expansion stress calculation
Discuss recommended data to fill in the CAESAR II V.7.0 SIF and SSI (Stress Index) fields
Outline the differences between V.7.0 and prior CAESAR II versions
Compare Run and Branch Default SIFs and SSIs
product:CAESAR II 2014 v7.0