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TecPlot 2014

Tecplot CFD Post-processing Software
Tecplot Chorus DE 2013 Release 1

Rapidly gain the deep understanding necessary to have confidence in making better engineering decisions. Evaluate system performance and discover anomalies in a collaborative environment to determine the physical phenomena that drive system behavior.
Easy Project Creation

Spend less time creating projects and more time analyzing your data. Streamlined project creation in Tecplot Chorus DE optimizes performance for desktop users.

What’s new in Tecplot Focus 2013 R1

The search function in the Tecplot Focus Help now automatically searches for related words (“axis” will find “axes” as well), properly ignores “noise” words, and corrects your spelling to the closest known word (if it chooses the wrong word, you can fix it).
Easily Understand Complex Engineering Systems

Tecplot Focus

Choose from an amazing array of XY, Polar, 2D and 3D plotting and animation tools—all in a single software package.
Apply multiple constraints to define and create performance envelopes.
Control over 2,500 attributes of your plot.
View your work in up to 2048 drawing windows and from multiple perspectives (XY, 2D, and 3D)in Tecplot Focus’s unique multi-frame workspace.
Assign arbitrary independent axes for specialty plots.
Create complex performance plots.
Plot irregularly spaced data.
Probe and integrate values over time.
Perform Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT).

What’s New in Tecplot RS 2013 Release 2
Swap Data Files While Preserving Current Tecplot RS State

A simple reservoir model with two faults displayed with streamlines and one K-layer of the grid

This significant benefit allows users to create a set of plots in the Plot Gallery for one case, and then swap the files to automatically create the same set of plots for a new case. This operation can be automated by creating a macro script.
Export KSum and KAvg Data

The ‘Extract Data by Cell’ feature has been expanded to allow users to export the results of KSum or KAvg operations to a CSV file for an aerial view of the reservoir model. This file can then be used for input to other post-processing tools.
More Control When Loading, Viewing, and Displaying Faults

VDB Named Faults – Fault names are now read from the VDB database and are provided in the list of faults in ‘Inside Views.’ Users can select multiple faults based on the names they provided for the NEXUS/VIP simulations.
LGR Faults – Faults defined in LGRs are now displayed. If named faults are provided for LGRs in a VDB case, for example, the fault list will display the LGR fault names. Some simulators do not define fault names for LGRs, and in those cases, users can identify and display faults using NNCs, or they can specify constraints based on a property value such as transmissibility.
Additional Plot Gallery Capabilities for Exporting and Saving Plots

Auto-Export – A new export capability lets users select multiple plots in the Plot Gallery and automatically export them to a specified folder in a user-selected format.
Non-Neighbor Connections – Plots with NNCs can now be saved in the Plot Gallery.
Load and Display VDB Streamlines

For 3D Grid plots, streamlines that have been saved in a VDB database can now be loaded and displayed using the feature set provided in ‘Inside Views.’
Simplified Grid Solution File Loader

The number of clicks required to select files has been significantly reduced. Users first select the appropriate grid file. Additional files, including XY data files, are automatically selected. These files can then be accepted for loading, or users can make other selections. Options include making the current selection the ‘Active’ data, and choosing an alternate display name for the data.<
New VDB Data Loader Available

The VDB Data Loader can be accessed from the Project menu or from a new tool bar button labeled ‘VDB’. Users can now directly select the case they want to load. Users can also load grid solutions, XY (plot) data, and streamlines.
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