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fracpro 2013

Fracpro is the most widely used fracture design modeling software in the world. This powerful tool has the flexibility to handle the tremendous variability of reservoirs, fracturing equipment, materials and procedures.

The software can effectively model any type of pressure stimulation job, including limited entry wells, multiple perforated intervals and horizontal well fracturing. It includes data for formation permeability and reservoir pressure analysis. With Fracpro, you can effectively model fracture growth in any formation: carbonate, sandstone and even coal.

FracproPT Software ScreenFracpro even incorporates the effects of proppant damage due to crushing, embedment, stress-cycling, non-Darcy and multi-phase flow. Automated minifrac, step-rate analysis, entry friction, net pressure and production history matching routines are built into the main program.

Fracpro offers a superior interface with outside software. Fracpro links its results to IMEX®, VIP® and Eclipse® by creating a file containing local grid refinement of the fracture including user selectable properties. Simulations of multiple fractures, horizontal well fractures and multiple zones can be produced. The files can be directly imported into these sophisticated reservoir simulators for complete analysis.

Fracpro is available in English, Chinese and Russian versions.
Product:fracpro 2013
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