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Baker Hughes JewelSuite 2013 Enterprise

Baker Hughes JewelSuite™ reservoir modeling software quickly builds and updates complex reservoir models accurately. This software changes the way you think about geological modeling and reservoir simulation.

We’ve integrated seismic, geologic, flow simulation, and geomechanic models into a single, multidisciplinary workflow, an industry exclusive. These four models in one offer you a comprehensive view of the reservoir faster with all asset team members, regardless of location, able to update the model working in our collaborative framework. Each team member can analyze risk and opportunity.

Baker Hughes uses a Customer Advisory Council comprised of a cross section of industry professionals to guide JewelSuite software improvements. The council is one of several channels Baker Hughes draws on to improve the JewelSuite reservoir modeling software’s capabilities to forecast unconventional reservoir performance with confidence.

Unconventional plays

Improve your unconventional workflows by adding microseismic visualization functionality with different scenarios to test well productivity, based on horizontal well patterns and hydraulic fracturing design. In addition, you can easily import digital elevation models from the US Geological Survey for managing large data volumes and connect to the GEM™ reservoir simulator.

Complex geology

JewelSuite software manages structural complexity without compromises. Our geologic modeling software with patented gridding technology allows you to capture regional and local structure(s) without geometrical degradation. What you see is what you model.
product:Baker Hughes JewelSuite 2013 Enterprise