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This course is designed as a basic introduction to MineSight 3D. The course will cover the basics in MineSight, CAD function, Geology and Engineering tools.

Mintec recommends taking this course first as it will cover the overall project process helping each department realize the data flow structure and requirements.
MineSight’s proven modeling tools offer a wide variety of common interpolation algorithms, including:

Inverse distance and polygonal assessment.
Simple kriging and multiple indicator kriging.
Advanced functionality for conditional simulation and uniform conditioning.

Drillhole, blasthole, and other sample data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database and managed by MineSight Torque, which provides tools for filtering, importing, exporting, formatting, reporting, and editing.

Move seamlessly from exploration to the final days of grade control using MineSight 3D. Its core functionality and versatility drives tools for data analysis, model interpolation, drillhole management and coding.