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Optis Speos V2013 for win64_win32

SPEOS is the core technology behind OPTIS’ family of light simulation software and is a stand-alone software package for users without a CAD platform. With twenty years of practical application, SPEOS is the most full featured and realistic tool to create, analyze, and virtually validate innovative lighting systems.
Light Modeling

This package has been defined to help you industrial designers and optical engineers to better understand the behavior of your lighting systems, and finally to optimize it.
Especially recommended for a first approach to optical simulation in CAD CAM world.
Non-optics specialists will find it particularly easy to use
This module allows you to create any optical model by applying optical properties to all surfaces, materials and light sources.
After defining the optical mockup, you will be able to visualize the rays as they propagate in the mechanical system.
This module comes complete with intelligent abilities to create interactive simulations where rays are propagated through \’active\’ components in the 3D view. Moreover the rays are propagated with their wavelength information for further analysis by you. Advanced scattering, anisotropic surface & diffusive material generator are also available.
Product:Optis Speos V2013 for win64_win32