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OPTIS OptisWorks 2015

OPTIS is the world-leading software editor for the scientific simulation of light and human vision within a Virtual Reality Environment. Its CAD-integrated solutions allow designers, ergonomists, and engineers to simulate and optimize lighting performance, product appearance, as well as the visibility and legibility of information on Human Machine Interfaces, in a fully immersive environment.

Since integrating its solution in SolidWorks in 2001, OPTIS is still the only company to provide a light simulation solution fully based on a physical model inside a CAD/CAM software.

OPTIS has delivered more than 6,000 licenses to 1,600 customers in 36 countries worldwide. Users include most of the major automotive, aerospace, electronics, white goods, and lighting manufacturers, as well as architects, universities, research laboratories, and defense agencies. They use the SPEOS technology to design, simulate, and visualize in a Virtual Reality environment, products as diverse as automotive lighting, mobile phone screens and keypads, dashboard and cockpit displays, LCDs, LEDs, luminaires, and optics for industrial vision and medical applications.

Product Details:

Light simulation comes to the CAD/CAM/CAE world…

Based on more than 150 man-years of R&D, OptisWorks can be used in various engineering activities like transport, electronics, lighting, and optics to design any object containing or using light, such as light guides, indoor/outdoor lighting, headlamps, backlights, … and now offers optimized opto-mechanical design and laser propagation simulation.

OptisWorks™ enables users, mechanical designers, project leaders, and optical engineers to analyze the effect of light- light levels, distribution, photometric performance, colorimetry analysis, compliance with standards – directly within their SolidWorks parts and assemblies.

All features fully communicate with SolidWorks, and allow users to quickly check many design iterations in order to better understand and optimize their product. Study the tolerancing of your optical and light systems with the Multi-configuration capabilities of SolidWorks.

OptisWorks comes with a very intuitive material editor and a comprehensive set of libraries of optically measured materials “ready to apply” to any SolidWorks model.

All parts are then physically defined for a very accurate and realistic simulation of the lights\’ propagation.

Now you can handle optics, thermal, and mechanical issues within a single interface. The interactivity obtained from the perfect integration allows a better understanding of optical effects in any system (significant parameters, tolerancing, sensitivity studies.)

OPTIS serves thousands of customers around the world, including Texas Instruments, 3M, Visteon, Guardian, Ericsson, Sony, Honda, Nikon, NASA, Bosch/Siemens, Philips, Porsche, and Valeo.


Multi configuration
64 bit
Powerful light simulation
Physics based for 100% realism
Human vision taken into account

Especially recommended for a first approach to optical simulation in CAD CAM world.
Non-optics specialists will find it particularly easy to use
This module allows you to create any optical model by applying optical properties to all surfaces, materials and light sources.
After defining the optical mockup, you will be able to visualize the rays as they propagate in the mechanical system.
This module comes complete with intelligent abilities to create interactive simulations where rays are propagated through \’active\’ components in the 3D view. Moreover the rays are propagated with their wavelength information for further analysis by you. Advanced scattering, anisotropic surface & diffusive material generator are also available.
Product:OPTIS OptisWorks 2015