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A technology with a unique approach which enables you to take decisions on material, appearance, mood lighting, perceived quality and lit effects.
Visualize in real time exactly how your innovation will look AND from a mobile device to multiple screen systems as well as virtual reality centers.
Based on a proven physics core technology developed by OPTIS for more than 20 years coming from SPEOS.
It offers you the possibility to drag and drop physically measured materials, colors and light sources coming from OPTIS library and you will fulfill using OMS2.
Connect THEIA-RT to OPTIS\’ unique OMS2 point‐and‐scan material scanner offers you unlimited possibilities to capture and create sophisticated, custom material and source libraries.
Starting from already defined 3D model, VRXperience has been developed to offer a real time interactive experiment simulator that will allow you to test your virtual prototype in a highly realistic 3D environment.
Embedded equipment including instrument panel, glass cockpits, heads-up display, adaptive lights… can now be virtually checked, managed and validated compared to light environment.
As most of OPTIS products, VRXperience embeds Human Vision response to light that will automatically switch from day vision to night vision, as this happens when entering into a tunnel.
Material choice can be validated by experiencing dynamic light effects causing disturbing reflection.