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SPEOS V.E. allows you to render in High Resolution and in High Dynamic the photo-realistic aspect of your products, with a unique physics based approach to light, taking into account the dynamics of the human eye (spatial and spectral sensitivity).

This human eye model has been developed in cooperation with experts in vision condition analysis for military aircraft, ensuring accuracy.

The final picture is obtained taking into account all opto-mechanical properties (scattering, absorbing, refracting) of all components, including their spectral behavior, as well as the eye sensitivity.

You can then render the contrast and colors perceived by the observer when looking at any illuminated or lit object.

Simulate the saturation, blooming, color perception of the real human eye (based on physiological experiments and algorithms) – for ultra-realistic rendering images, human safety and comfort improvement (lit appearance, blooming…)

The first software solution to simulate the visual perception of an observer within a virtual illuminated environment: aircraft cockpit and cabins, vehicle interior, control tower.

SPEOS V.E. is the first Visual Ergonomics simulation solution deemed to Ergonomics Engineers, Technology integrators. It includes Human Vision, Uniform Ambient Source & Environment and Sky Module.
Especially recommended for a first approach to optical simulation in CAD CAM world.
Non-optics specialists will find it particularly easy to use
This module allows you to create any optical model by applying optical properties to all surfaces, materials and light sources.
After defining the optical mockup, you will be able to visualize the rays as they propagate in the mechanical system.
This module comes complete with intelligent abilities to create interactive simulations where rays are propagated through \’active\’ components in the 3D view. Moreover the rays are propagated with their wavelength information for further analysis by you. Advanced scattering, anisotropic surface & diffusive material generator are also available.
This module allows you to simulate and analyze the photometric efficiency of your lighting systems. This is made possible through several tools for illuminance (lux, footcandle….) , luminance (cd/square meter), intensity (candela…).
Propagation takes into account optical properties for surfaces, materials, and source emission. Results (photometry maps, cross-sections, point measurements..) can be used to verify compliance with International Standards or specifications, and even exported to other software solutions.
Product:OPTIS SPEOS CAA V5 Based v17