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Spt Olga v7.2

OLGA is used in feasibility studies, conceptual studies, FEED and detailed designs and is essential for defining operating procedures and control schemes.

Application examples:

Transient thermohydraulics during start-up/shut-in
Optimal design for maximum operating envelope
Process and control system design
Flow assurance, investigating hydrates, wax, asphaltenes, corrosion, emulsions, scale and sand
Liquid inventory during pigging and rate changes
Slug mitigation and control

Fluid systems that can be modelled:

Oil and natural gas flowlines
Wet gas and condensate flowlines
Wellstream fluids
Dense phase flowlines
Single phase gas or liquid flowlines
Laboratory experiments

Full network capability

OLGA has full network capability, allowing for definition of converging and diverging transport and process networks as well as closed loops. This flexibility enables the engineers to simulate a set of applications such as well and pipeline networks, gas lift and complete process systems.

OLGA for life-cycle simulations

Dynamic modelling provides key design requirements and is essential for maximizing the production window. Assuring stable production (flow assurance) throughout the field life is the main focus for detailed analysis
with OLGA.

Conceptual–FEED- Detailed Design


Pipeline sizes
Thermal insulation
Liquid management/Pigging
Slug mitigation
Process capacity (integrated simulation)

Focus maximizing production window

Mid field life
Tail end

Preparing for Operations

Basis for operational procedures

Operational procedures and limits
Emergency procedures
Contingency plans

Operator training

Training in flow assurance
Practicing operational procedures
Preparing initial start up
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