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SPT Group OLGA 7.0

Our simulator technology is regularly challenged to extend areas of application and document accuracy. The OLGA 7 release contains enhancements realized through the OLGA Verification and Improvement Project (OVIP), the research programs in HORIZON, the CO2 modelling project and other endeavours.

New features include:

· Easy to use interface and workflows

· OLGA High Definition model for stratified flow

· Open framework for easy integration

The OLGA 7 graphical interface provides a wide range of tools, workflows and workspaces to efficiently give the required simulator input to perform all your studies. The interface also offers powerful analysis tools to visualise, export and ultimately understand and communicate the dynamics of the simulated model. Accurate pre-processing and comprehensive post-processing of simulation cases are crucial but often time consuming. That is why OLGA 7 incorporates new and improved workflows as well as new methods to shorten the Modelling – Simulation – Analysis cycle.

The High Definition flow module covers stratified and large wave flow regimes – providing more consistent, scalable and accurate predictions of pressure drop and holdup.

The Plugin module is a flexible framework for implementing users’ proprietary or external physical models in OLGA as DLLs.

Read more about the release in the new OLGA 7 brochure.
Product:SPT Group OLGA 7.0
Size:337 MB