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OLGA V7.1.0.87361

Multiphase Flow Simulator

OLGA is the market-leading simulator for engineering the flow of oil, water and gas in wells, pipelines and receiving facilities.
ersion 7.1.1
The most important enhancements in OLGA 7.1.1 are:

Better robustness for Compositional Tracking when compositions comprise high concentration of MeOH in H2O or for compositions with very small amounts of some components
Improvement to viscosity calculation for Compositional Tracking
Bug fixes for Parametric study and for Wells

Gas Lift Valve (GLV) and Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) are added to the Wells Module. It may be necessary to generate a new licence file.

If you have any queries as to the licence validity or contractual status, please contact your local SPT Group office. For queries on OLGA 7 functionalities, installations, and other important issues, please contact our support centre at

This is a complete installation of OLGA 7.
For more information: log in and read the release note for OLGA 7.1.1.
Nov 29. 2011 OLGA 7.1.1 Download

Version 7.1
The release includes new and enhanced features and functionalities for well modelling and risk management and optimisation projects.

World-wide, release – October 24th, 2011


Enhanced Well GUI and ESP/GLV in the Wells module:
– well modelling got easier and ESP’s and GLV’s can be selected from libraries
ROCX – transient near wellbore reservoir simulator:
– commercialization of the ROCX JIP for near wellbore reservoir transients coupled with OLGA
Risk Management and Optimisation:
– New module to tune complex models, manage risk and optimise production
Other improvements:
– FEMtherm, electrical heating and cooling in shapes

Login to download and read the release notes for fixes, additional features, and more detailed descriptions.

Availability and licensing
The OLGA release is available to all our customers with active maintenance and support agreements and can be downloaded from our regular download site. The username and passwords from the previous release are still valid.

All customers with licenses received in 2011 and active agreements currently have licenses that work with the current release.
Product:OLGA V7.1.0.87361
Size:487 MB