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Waterloo Hydrogeologic UnSat Suite v2.2.0.2

he WHI UnSat Suite combines three popular unsaturated zone models in a powerful new graphical environment specifically designed for simulating one-dimensional groundwater flow and contaminant transport through the unsaturated zone. These models are:

SESOIL – a popular US EPA model which is capable of simultaneously modeling water transport, sediment transport and pollutant fate. SESOIL is widely used by consultants and state regulatory agencies as a screening tool to assess contaminant fate and transport for regulatory requirements.

PESTAN (PESTicide ANalytical) – a model for assessments of groundwater contamination by pesticides used in agricultural practice.

VS2DT (Variably Saturated 2D flow and Transport) – a finite difference numerical model for determining the fate of agricultural chemicals, landfill leachate, and accidental chemical spills in the unsaturated zone.

VLEACH (Vadose Zone LEACHing model) – a model for evaluating the fate of volatile organic contaminants in the unsaturated zone.

All these popular models are seamlessly integrated with the WHI UnSat Suite and each one is compiled and optimized to run as a 32-Bit, native Windows application. The WHI UnSat Suite shares the majority of its features with the other WHI software product Visual HELP which, besides its direct function, landfill designing, can be used as an efficient tool for the assessment of soil surface water balance. The two products are connected functionally and logically and in many cases the joint use of two products in consulting projects is very beneficial. Both products are joined together in the software package called WHI UnSat Suite Plus.
product:Waterloo Hydrogeologic UnSat Suite v2.2.0.2
Size:47 MB