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OPTIS has integrated its 3D Textures package into OptisWorks, which is the SolidWorks add-in version of Optis’s SPEOS software.

Previously 3D Textures was available as a module within the stand-alone OPTIS software, SPEOS. But its redevelopment as a SolidWorks add-in module – with improved performance –means engineering designers can now model complex integrated mechanical and optical engineering tasks within SolidWorks.

With 3D Textures For OptisWorks a designer can easily create tens of millions of modeled points on optical surfaces. 3D Textures for OptisWorks includes the following capabilities:

Number of possible modeled patterns in the millions
Reduced memory required for the simulation (about 150 MB needed for 1 million patterns)
Rapid loading time (2 seconds for 1 million patterns)
Fast simulation time (16 minutes for 4 million patterns; and not linear with the number of patterns)

Existing SolidWorks users will be able to buy an add-in version of 3D Textures For OptisWorks.

For more information, visit OPTIS.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company\’s website.
[ SPEOS – Standalone ] : SPEOS is a optical 3D software program, that is applied laws of physics and monte carlo`s theory. It is possible to be aware of quality, which apply most of optical products before the manufacture to get rapid accessibility and accuracy results.
Product:OPTIS SPEOS CAA V5 Based R11