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RG will issue a major update and release of both NozzlePRO and FE/Pipe (and all bundled programs) in March of 2013. This release will include new functionality, significant enhancements to current functionality, and imrpoved GUIs. To see a summary of the new features that will be included in this release, please see the flyer we have prepared by clicking HERE.

PRG will be conducting FEA Training seminars in both Houston and Calgary in April. Please review our training seminars page as the dates have changed! For more information, please go to the Training Seminars page by clicking on the navigation menu on the left side of this page, or by clicking HERE.
FEA Technology for Rapid Modeling and Stress Analysis of Pressure Vessels and Piping

Your engineering staff should use FEA analysis if they are involved in pressure vessel or pipe stress analyis and design. Our FEA software uses templates to quickly perform stress analysis of pipes, piping systems, nozzles, tanks, and other components typically found in the pressure vessel and piping industry. FEA techniques are of extreme value when dealing with components or systems that involve any of the following:

Inaccurate SIFs
Inaccurate Flexibilities
Large d/D Geometries
Acoustically Induced Vibration (AIV)
Many or complex load cases
Path-dependent friction
Non-convergent Friction problems
Beam models give high stresses
Strong temperature gradients
Thermal bowing

D/T > 100
D/T > 50 with high pressure
D/T > 50 with high piping loads
Nozzles with high piping loads
Piping with external loads
High axial stresses
Thin-walled pipe
High number of thermal cycles
High number of pressure cycles

Glass-lined pipe
Refractory-lined pipe
Hot sustained cases
Seismic analysis
Wind analysis
Other impact loads
Complex loading conditions
High branch stresses
Low cycle fatigue
Complex pipe supports

Use our FEA Technology to Check Your Beam or Shell Model Results

With PCL-Gold, our new pipe stress module within FE/Pipe, you can directly import CAESAR II™ models and apply our FEA technology to do the following:

Confirm the results based on beam models
Determine and apply more accurate SIFs and flexibility factors
Determine whether or not the actual stresses are close to design, code, or customer specified limits
Apply external vessel or equipment models to the piping model to achieve a complete analysis

Future versions of our software will support importing Compress™ vessel models to integrate with your piping models.
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