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PVElite V2013 SP2 V15 (C)COADE

PV Elite gives owner operators and engineering firms across the globe the opportunity to create vessel and heat exchanger designs quickly and accurately. With robust data collection tools and an inclusive set of international code rules and region-specific content, PV Elite can be adapted to projects of varying scopes.

Other features include the following:

Easy to manipulate analysis models with graphical inputs and results
Bi-directional links to CADWorx® Plant Professional and PV Fabricator®
Compliant with ASME Section VIII Divisions 1 & 2, PD 5500, EN 13445, API 579
Important equations are built-in to help you meet inspection requirements
And many other benefits to help you analyze efficiently
PV Elite 2013 Release Announced for January 2013

The PV Elite 2013 release is marked by several major advancements, all of which are aimed at increasing productivity and giving our users tools which will make their jobs easier and more enjoyable. Such as:

Code Updates


PD 5500 2012 Edition Incorporated.
Tema 9th Edition
The AS/NZ 2011 Wind Code was updated.

These code updates will allow end users to meet their global analsysis requirements.

Productivity Enhancements


All new Updated Ribbon Style User Interface.
Quick calculation Screen, Search and Highlight Feature
Output Processor , Search and Highlight, Select all, Report List coloring, Drag and Drop functionality
CodeCalc has been completely re-written into a modern style application that matches the look and feel of PV Elite 2013
PV Elite Graphics , Color code by thickness, Material etc., 2D and 3D screen separate
Print directly to PDF, even if you have not purchased a PDF writer, all modules, graphics reports etc.

All productivity enhancements allow the user to perform their tasks using PV Elite 2013 in a more efficient manner.

New Analysis Features


Integrated API 579 Part 4 General Metal Loss
ASME VIII-1 Material Data 1943 through 1974
PD 5500 Jacket Analysis
PD 5500 Limpet Coil Analysis
EN 13445 Limpet Coil Analysis
ASME VIII-1 Fatigue Analysis updated (from latest Div. 2)
PV Elite 2012 R1 Features included
EN-13445 Exp Joints
European Structural Steel
EN-13445 Local Stress Analysis
Improved Metric defaults
Japanese Wind Code
European Nozzle Load table
ASME Stainless Steel MDMTs computed
Complete Exchanger MDMTs Computed (tubesheets)
MDMT table sorted for Shell side and Tube side results
Use differential pressure for tube design
Indian Earthquake Code, vertical acceleration component added
Updated EN-13445 Materials Added
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